“Start From Here”

Yes, it’s my smartphone, it’s my shoes and also my old Nikon 1. My smartphone is great, but in Germany the mobile network can drive you to despair. Don’t try to navigate with it in the woods during a hike, you’ll be mad about it, really! The shoes have already accompanied me through the Alps, […]

“My Little Wood”

There are not many trees in the street where I live. That’s a pity, because I would love to look out of the window at a tree – like this one. This is a part of the old town of Lisbon. The photo layd around for some time until I found it again. Can you […]

“Going For Lunch”

This photo’s been lying around somewhere on my hard drive for three years. I found it when I applied for a contest. Probably this picture has no chance there, but I fell in love again at first sight. It was created in front of a café in Cascais, Portugal. I wish I could be there […]


I wasn’t quite sure if I should post this photo here, but at Unsplash this picture has more than 220,000 hits in 24 hours so far. Okay, that’s an argument. It was taken on the high seas while we were looking for dolphins. We found them much later – but the water was nice too. […]

“60 km/h”

No, it’s not the speed of the dolphin. Dolphins can only go up to 40 km/h fast. This was the maximum speed of our small motorboat. It took us almost two and a half hours in the Adriatic Sea to find dolphins. Don’t worry, it was a quiet boat of an animal welfare organisation. These […]

“Stand By Me”

The first thing I thought of in this photo was Stephen King’s novel “The Corpse”, which was later filmed as “Stand by me”. It’s about youth and naive innocence in life. I took the picture in Croatia. The boys sit at a jetty at the Adriatic Sea and consider jumping in. I absolutely love this […]


June 2019: This man played a wonderful spanish song on his guitar in the streets of Grenada. Because of the warmth he was quite alone. So his voice and the instrument held through large parts of the streets, no other noises disturbed the scene. He got some money from me for the photo – but […]


It doesn’t matter where you are in Spain – almost everywhere you have a fast mobile Internet. But sometimes a city map is better than staring at Google Maps. This picture was taken in the middle of Grenada, Spain. We looked for a way back to our car. These websites are using this photo: https://www.awb.tu-berlin.de/menue/meldungsarchiv/ […]


On our trip to Alhambra in southern Spain my way guided me and my friends through the small alleys of Grenada. In spring 2019 it was really hot and nobody was on the streets – the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the houses. At this time the sun is almost vertical in the sky […]

“Sound Of Silence”

When my friends and I arrived in Malaga, Spain, we lived in an old colonial-style villa. I didn’t dare turn on this radio because I didn’t want to risk an electric shock. That is why I do not know whether it still worked. But I know it was very, very old. This photo was not […]

“Coffee At The Roof”

I have no idea what it looks like inside this house, but from the outside I would like to live in it. Because of the hard sun and the strong contrasts I had to take a HDR picture from 5 single shots. You can find this house in Nerja, Costa del Sol, Spain. I love […]


I love the simplicity of this picture. And I love palm trees. Palms stand for summer, for warmth and the sea. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a place where palm trees grow. That is why my attention in strange places always get to the palm trees when I see them. This one is in Seville, […]


Another picture from Nerja, Spain. Over the streets sun sails are hanging everywhere – and give a fantastic light. Nevertheless it was too bright for my camera. That’s why I took several photos with my Fuji X-T100 and built an HDR. I love sun sails, really! This photo was not posted on Unsplash.

“Calling Home”

When I travel with my friends in Europe, I keep in touch with my family, of course. This beach in Malaga, Spain was my favourite place to call home. I didn’t have to wait there long before I was alone, because around lunchtime most people are in their houses. June 2019. This photo was not […]


My friends and me had rented us a house in Malaga, Spain. When we arrived there, we found a colonial style villa. Beautiful rooms, old furniture, fantastic light. It was an incredibly great week there. This photo was not posted on Unsplash.

“Outer Space”

Isn’t this a fantastic place? Isn’t this a wonderful view? Partially, because these are two places.The lake with the pier is located on the island Rügen, Germany. The mountains are in Western Ireland. This place does not exist on our planet. But the combination is great :-). It has received more than 13 million clicks […]


This friendly guy with the surfboard had asked me a few photos for Xing. He wanted to be photographed at the Maschsee in Hannover, Germany with his surfboard. But the photos on the street were more fancy. People stared at us as we waited for green at the traffic lights, it was very funny. This […]


April 2019. A shooting for Carsten, for his homepage and Xing. He is a personal trainer and communication consultant from Hannover, Germany. It is the dog of an employee of a video production company sitting in the same house. It´s name is Wilma. Obviously the dog also has a Xing profile? This photo was not […]


What do you do when you don’t have a big camera? Right, you’re using your smartphone. Bosse is a famous singer in Germany and I love going to his concerts. I took this photo with a OnePlus 5T during the show in April 2019. These websites are using this photo: http://hub.stereotheque.com/2019/06/17/6-music-festivals-you-cant-miss-this-summer/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiPFXG65_9U https://www.iowasource.com/2019/10/08/hearing-aids-are-cool/ https://blog.softwaremill.com/gabriel-gonzalez-on-configuration-episode-375-on-se-radio-net-tl-db-series-5f417d5f519c https://fupping.com/yehoshuabomberg/2019/04/10/7-funny-gifts-k-pop-lovers/pixpoetry-1468714-unsplash/ […]


In April 2019 I was in Regensburg, Germany. Although the weather was nice, the beer garden was completely empty. I still found it inviting. More than 250.000 clicks confirm this 🙂 These websites are using this photo: https://www.hunterandbligh.com.au/food-and-drink/the-ultimate-vegan-holiday-in-europe-contiki/ https://blog.submittable.com/well-pick-up-the-charity-check-a-new-feature-to-pull-nonprofit-data/ https://www.openairfurnishings.com/blog/ https://valeriesadventuretime.com/pictures-of-bavaria/ https://www.oddee.com/now-you-can-dine-out-with-dummies-52765/ https://www.digitale.immobilien/gutachter/liste-der-besten-immobiliengutachter-und-immobiliensachverstandiger-in-regensburg https://www.wallpaperflare.com/black-metal-framed-chair-building-exterior-architecture-built-structure-wallpaper-avchx https://www.backpackertrail.de/die-10-schoensten-staedte-deutschlands/ https://k.sina.cn/article_1851755225_6e5f8ad904000irhv.html?from=mood https://www.piqsels.com/en/search?q=chairs%20and%20table&page=142 http://www.netky.sk/clanok/bratislava-bude-svetova-spusta-novy-projekt-volneho-sedenia https://www.mygetawaygirl.com/danube.html https://neokohn.hu/2020/05/11/ https://breakzy.nl/alles-over-duitsland/ https://blog.goodtravel.de/laenderspezial/deutschland/ https://www.htr.ch/story/deutsche-laender-sollen-ueber-oeffnung-der-gastronomie-entscheiden-27586.html https://www.rollingpin.at/news-events/bayerns-biergaerten-duerfen-ab-sofort-laenger-geoeffnet-haben https://neokohn.hu/2020/05/11/nemetorszagban-tovabb-enyhitenek-bar-teljes-a-bizonytalansag/ […]


March 2019, on the way with a school class in the Harz Mountains, Germany. On our way to the Titan RS, the longest suspension bridge in Europe, we came to this tunnel. In summer a lot of motorcyclists drive through it, because it sounds so loud. I like this picture because of its symmetry and […]

“Fab 2”

Fabian is a guitarist of the Metalcore Band Arktis. He needed some photos for his social media activities. in February 2019 we met in a school building in the evening, so we could benefit from the darkness. It was the first time I used a manual lens on a Fuji X-T100. Since then, I’ve been […]


In 2016, my friends and I were on our way to Western Ireland. I have never taken more photos than at this time. After passing the cliffs of Moher we rested on the steep coast. The air and the silence there is unique. On average, about 20,000 people are looking at this photo – per […]

“They Are Coming”

At the time of this picture I still had an APS-C camera. With 12mm focal length I had to fight hard with the flares. It was taken on the island of Rügen in Germany, in 2015. Since I uploaded it to Unsplash in November 2018, 11 million people have clicked on it. More than 63.000 downloads. […]


The Masch Lake is a lake in the heart of Hanover, Germany. There are many festivals and activities here. Most photographers take pictures of it during the day. During a night hike with my friends I tested the HDR mode of my Fuji X-T100. I like the white open aperture – and sometimes I also […]

“Not Over”

Another photo from Portugal. It was impressive how long this man sat there – motionless. Since July 2018 more than 1.3 million visitors have clicked on this picture. It is often used for articles about aging or retirement. I couldn’t leave it in landscape format because there was garbage in the sand around it. But […]


I don’t like churches – and certainly not photographing them. For me there is danger from churches, dogmatism, conservatism. But the small one here, in northern Italy in the Alps, seems harmless. In the end, the whole thing with religion can be reduced to this small building here: Quite nice and nice to look at […]

“Another Galaxy”

Do I have to tell you this is just a … door? I like doors. This one is in Hannover, Germany in the Herrenhäuser Gardens. I don’t know what is behind it. Maybe the caretaker lives here? Or is it a storeroom? Maybe the gate to another galaxy. Who knows… This photo was not posted […]

“Cross The Ladders”

South Tyrol, Northern Italy. These stairs lead over a deep gorge in the Alps. You cannot see much of the depth, because it is located in the middle of a large forest. The stairs are hundreds of metres long and at the very bottom of the gorge flows a loud river with waterfalls. We enjoyed […]


I find it challenging to photograph a meadow. There are millions of these pictures. A few months ago, I printed this photo and gave it to a friend – she was so happy that she cried. It was taken on the southwest coast of Portugal in 2018, at a small castle next to a cemetery. […]


This picture was taken in 2018 on the west coast of Portugal, near Lisbon. Since it was published on Unsplash, it has had 1.3 million clicks. Most blogs and newspapers that downloaded this photo used it for articles about refugees – but these guys are tourists –  only watching the Portuguese fishermen on a spring […]


June 2018, southern coast in Portugal. There are just moments you won’t forget. Especially on a beach with your friends, with a cold beer and laughter everywhere. We were almost alone on this beach. No tourists. No locals. Perfect. This photo was not posted on Unsplash.

“Wanna Surf Better”

After a long hike along the coast of South Portugal, my friends I me have rested us on a fantastic beach in spring 2018. Unfortunately the focal length of the lens was only 85mm. That’s why you can’t see the clear water. But I still like this photo because it perfectly expresses the importance of […]

“O Tejo”

The Tejo is the longest river of the Iberian Peninsula with over 1000 kilometres. In the port of Lisbon a poem is written on a jetty. This poem is by Fernando Pessoa and starts with: The Tejo is more beautiful than the river that flows through my village, But the Tejo is no more beautiful […]


The “Ponte 25 de Abril”. Among the locals in Lisbon it is simply called Ponte. A constant loud whirring accompanies us, day and night cars drive here over a six-lane motorway. It is more than 2 kilometres long – and the third largest of its kind. In the evening you can party under the bridge. […]


In May 2018 we visited the “Kleines Fest im großen Garten” in the Herrenhäuser Gardens in Hannover. There were many artists on the road, singers, bands, clowns, comedians – and this guy with his marionette. The dog really looked incredibly real. I like it. These websites are using this photo: https://www.wuv.de/wuvplus/7_strategien_wie_marken_ihre_souveraenitaet_zurueckerobern https://impact.chartered.college/article/using-drama-for-learning-how-and-why-it-works/pixpoetry-jd1rqklqai0-unsplash/ https://www.coindesk.com/mainstream-moments-and-the-compuserve-of-crypto-feat-andreas-m-antonopoulos https://medium.com/dailyjs/do-you-like-react-then-why-dont-you-configure-your-infrastructure-with-it-e8cb36e742a2 https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/two-steps-to-create-the-wow-factor-in-81267/ […]


These trams run everywhere in Lisbon – and are full of tourists. If you’re looking for a motif for Lisbon on the Internet, you’ll find these pictures really everywhere. Trams are mainly used to overcome steep roads. Lisbon has many steep streets. It was one of my first pictures to appear in the editorial feed […]

“One Door One Table”

In the old town of Lisbon you will find small restaurants everywhere, consisting only of a door and a table. Even the apartments on the ground floor are prepared in such a way that the residents simply have to open a window and offer food on a small counter. Very nice. This photo was not […]


May 2018, Lisbon. The city is incredibly big and noisy. Away from the tourists you will also find quiet and beautiful places. I don’t know exactly why this picture fascinates me so much. But I love the colours, the open aperture – and I would like to live in this house. It is in the […]


I photographed Benny during a band shoot. This picture is a bit older, but today I rediscovered it – and decided to post it. Benny is one of those people who always look good on photos. He is one of the two guitarists of the band Arktis. This photo was not posted on Unsplash.

“Different Ideas”

Group photos have always been a challenge for me. You really need full concentration if you don’t want to swap faces in the editing afterwards. In addition there are the different ideas of the individual people. The band Arktis plays Metal Core and needed pictures for Facebook and Instagram. Here is one of these pictures. […]

“Lost In Sky 2”

I’m not a planespotter, but I really enjoy standing at a runway while the planes pass by only 60 meters above me. This is a Boeing 737 approaching Hannover Airport coming from Amsterdam. Airplanes landing are loud but slow, it is no problem to photograph them. Due to the sun the shutter speed was very […]


Everything about this picture is wrong. There is no foreground, no background, no focus point. In every photo workshop you would get into trouble for this. Nevertheless I love it. You are looking at Lower Liffey Street in Dublin. During the day it’s very empty here – but at night it’s crowded. Nice atmosphere. This […]

“West End”

My friends and I crossed Ireland in 2017. Started in Dublin we landed here on the west coast with stormy wind and rain. The Irish call this “summer”. But it was a wonderful place, full of beauty, salt in the air and a fantastic view. I will definitely come back. This photo was not posted […]


This photo was taken in October 2016 at the Baltic Sea and put online in mid 2017 showing the hand of a child feeding pigeons. Unfortunately it is often used to underline religious aspects. This photo was never meant to be religious or spiritual. The picture is about partnership. I love it. These websites are […]

“Fire Exit”

I do not know exactly what is behind these doors in Dublin – but I think it is important to keep the doors clear. Perhaps it is a fireworks factory? The fire brigade building? A pub? I think I will never find out. But I like the motive. This photo was not posted on Unsplash.

“Stiletto In The Ghetto”

“The Spire” in Dublin. It looks like a small pyramid, but in reality it is 121 meters high (398 feet). It is officially called Monument of Light, but the people of Dublin also call it Stiletto in the ghetto. It stands instead of the Nelson Column, which was blown up by the IRA in 1966. […]


This photo is definitely not suitable as a wallpaper, unless you want to search long for your apps. We found this house in Clifdon, Ireland. I think it is no longer inhabited. Maybe the owners had headaches all the time? This photo was not posted on Unsplash.

“Fear Of Heights”

In May 2017 we were at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. It was 18 degrees – the Irish told us it was warm for them – but a cold stormy rain blew strongly from the side. This is not unimportant: a few meters at Carsten’s feet it goes down more than 500 meters steeply. On […]


On the way back from Italy, my family and I crossed Switzerland. A beautiful country – but very expensive. During a break I took this picture of the Swiss Alps in southern direction. I just uploaded it to Unsplash in May this year. It reached more than 75.000 clicks in one month. Thats´s okay.

“Freaking Out”

Maybe I’m the only person in the world who really loves this photo. Unsplash rejected it, probably because it’s not harmonious? It shows a teacher who completely freaks out in class. Is it real? No, it’s a scene from a music video I was photographing in January 2017. It’s about a pedagogue who, in his […]


In autumn 2016 I took this picture at the North Sea. The wooden walkway leads into the waves and the girl does not dare to go further in. For me it is a symbol of a crossroad. Are you taking another step? Are you taking the risk? These websites are using this photo: https://www.erf.de/erf-plus/audiothek/erf-plus-spezial/zweifel/2295-1147 https://review.bukalapak.com/auto/tinggalkan-yang-biasa-pakai-boots-hujan-supaya-kaki-terlindungi-di-musim-hujan-66063 […]


In March 2016 I did a tour with friends through the Herrenhäuser Gardens in Hannover, Germany. It was a cold winter day, but the atmosphere was fantastic. What I like about this picture are the creative seconds – you can see the girl looking for inspiration while holding her camera like a treasure. Meanwhile she […]


This picture was taken during a guided tour in August 2015 in the Hannover Medical Highscool. My friend and I guided a group of photographers through the operating theatres. I liked the silence in this room as long as it was empty. In full operation it can get very noisy and hectic. It is an […]